How many Diapers will my Baby go through?

After about a month, the number of wet and dirty diapers may change dramatically and almost any amount is normal. Your baby may have several dirty diapers (i.e., stools) a day, or he may go several days without a dirty diaper. The number of dirty diapers will often decrease a bit for breastfed babies after a couple of months. Keep a diary so you know what is normal for your baby and can tell when there has been a significant change.


Average number of wet diapers

 Average number of dirty diapers

Day 1



Day 2



Day 3



Day 4 to 1 month

5 or 6/day

3 or 4/day

Make an appointment to see your baby’s doctor if:

  • She suddenly has fewer wet or dirty diapers and seems sick or isn’t feeding well.
  • She passes hard or pellet-like stool or appears to be straining and has trouble passing stool.
  • There is blood in her diaper.
  • She has diarrhea or starts having many more bowel movements than normal, especially if they are watery and/or explosive). In newborns, it can be hard to judge whether it’s the stool is actually diarrhea.

Take your baby to hospital immediately if she has no wet or dirty diapers within a 24-hour period, especially if she is not feeding well or seems unwell.

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