Sun Safety

Protecting children from getting too much sun is important, whether they are playing outside or are with you on an errand. The hot summer sun can be dangerous for children. A child can sunburn easily, even on a cloudy day. Bad sunburns and too much time spent in the sun without skin protection have been linked to a higher risk of skin cancer later in life. 

Water Safety For Young Children

Drowning is the second most common cause of death for children under 5 years of age in Canada. Children can drown in as little as 2.5 cm (1 inch) of water.

Many of these tragedies happen in backyard pools, and almost always in pools without 4-side pool fencing and self-closing, self-latching safety gates. For rural and remote living children, lakes and rivers serve as transportation routes as well as sources of recreation. Regardless of whether found in nature or a in a backyard, caution needs to be practiced around water.

Safe Sleep For Babies

Good sleep habits are important for your baby’s physical health and emotional well-being. An important part of safe sleep is the place where your baby sleeps, his sleeping position, the kind of crib or bed, type of mattress and the home environment (i.e. smoke exposure).

Never Shake A Baby

What is Shaken Baby Syndrome?

No child, at any age, should ever be shaken.The effects can be very serious and can include lifelong injury or even death.Shaking is not first aid! If your baby is not breathing, shaking will not help.

Shaken Baby Syndrome occurs when a baby or young child is shaken violently and sometimes repetitively (over and over), with or without the head hitting something. The effects can be very serious and can include lifelong injury or even death.Shaken Baby Syndrome is a type of abusive head trauma, which can cause:

Keep Your Baby Safe

Injury is the leading cause of death among children in Canada. Some of the biggest dangers to babies are falls, burns, drowning, choking, suffocation, strangulation and car crashes. The good news is that these injuries are almost always preventable.

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